Firearms Transfers and Retail Store

  • $15 FFL Transfers + CBI Background check
  • Gun Cleaning Services
  • Firearm Shipping Services
  • Consignment Selling of Firearms

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First Aid Products

  • First Aid Services
  • First Aid Classes
  • Emergency First Aid Bags

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Self Defense

  • Personal Defense Products
  • Personal Defense Classes
  • Pepper Spray & Stun Guns

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At Rapid Fire Bunker, we enjoy sharing our experience of emergency preparedness and knowing first-hand the importance of quality & instructional services.  By Supporting unexpected emergency needs of our friends, family and community, Supplying essential emergency gear for EVERY emergency, and most importantly, Educating about survival products and the skills necessary to prepare for emergencies, our emergency supply center serves as a beacon of protection, provision and peace-of-mind.

We are the fastest growing Firearm FFL Transfer store in Colorado, with only $15 Transfer Fees.  After a decade in the Firearm industry, Rapid Fire Bunker continues to dominate Firearm FFL Transfer Services and has recently added affordable Firearm Shipping and Fast Firearm Cleaning Services.

Whether it be professional individuals such as firefighters, search & rescue teams, military, law enforcement, or civilian individuals such as, protective dads, families living in highly volatile areas, or communities simply looking for pre-emptive solutions to prepare for inevitable disaster situations, Rapid Fire Bunker provides the emergency services and products in the firearms, defense and medical industries, necessary to protect and prepare the ones we love.